It all started with Nils Luoma’s interest in boats and boat life. The founder of Nautor, Pekka Koskenkylä, saw a sailboat built by Luoma and this led to Luoma being hired as a foreman in the assembly department at Nautor in 1969. Together with four others, Luoma founded Baltic Yachts 1973. After 5 years he started as production manager at Nykra in Uusikaarlepyy where he worked for about 1 and a half years. In December 1978 he started building two racing sailboats. This was the start of Scandi Yacht and the company was founded in 1980. Karlsson started working at the company in 1987 when Luoma was the CEO and production manager until 2008 when the change of ownership took place and Östen Karlsson took over the position as CEO. Together with the change of ownership the company name changed to Scandi Yachts.


We have a close collaboration with multiple companies within the boat- and composite industry. Currently a large part of our production capacity is used for subcontracting work in the form of vacuum infused hulls and production of various boat molds. This way we can together carry the boat industry and production development forward. The absolute first boat designer we collaborated with was Ron Holland, from New Zealand but nowadays he lives in Canada. He designed the first sailboats that were build at the yard. He is perhaps mostly known for drawing 36-44 ft Swan boats for Nautor. Elvström Yacht Design with ship architect Ulf Rögeberg and Jan Kjaerulff designed a 46 ft cruising sailboat which we build 3 of for a Swedish customer. The boats got famous for being very fast and well-balanced. Today two of them are in Denmark and the third in Turku, Finland (Kuutsalon Sylvi). Ulf Rögeberg was also involved in 1985 when the next major project began with four 62 ft cruising boats for Deerfoot Yachts. These boats were planned to be sailed by a small crew and to be able to function as comfortable family homes during perhaps year-long sailings.

Below is a list of other boat designers we have worked with and the boats they have designed:

  • Eivind Amble, Fram VIII for the then-Crown Prince Harald of Norway
  • Peter Norlin, Big Foot (now, Sure Foot) and Big Foot II
  • Reino Karpio, the trimaran Rauma-Repola
  • Rolf Eliassson, Villenvene (now Tuuli) which was the first Overseas 40 that was built and RK 12 (Kumpuranta VII)
  • Jussi Mannerberg, Mannerberg 40