The Scandi Concept

Suomenkielinen teksti on tulossa
The Scandi Concept involves sailboats with deckhouse, which gives a spectacular panoramic view from the salon and the navigation seat. This gives sailing new dimensions and the 360 view makes cold and wet night shifts outside in the cockpit nothing but a memory. It is warm, quiet and dry inside the deckhouse and navigation seat, easy to navigate and communicate at the same time with the person sitting in the cockpit. This way you can easily follow from the inside what is happening both on deck and around the surroundings.
The boats were developed from idea to finished product by Scandi Yachts in collaboration with Elvström Yacht, with boat architect Ulf Rögeberg at the helm and the local designer Tor Hinders. Rögeberg himself is an experienced and skilled sailor from Denmark, known for drawing fast hulls with well-functioned deck arrangements, efficient rigs and sailing plan.
Tor Hinders, from Uusikaarlepyy, is a very innovative designer who designed the interior.

At the launch of the first boat, it was well received at boat shows both by industry professionals and avid sailors. The deckhouse was something new, functional and different.

Click here to watch the sailing video with Scandi 42