Vacuum infusion

We use modern and innovative production methods.

We are Finland’s biggest producer of vacuum infused hulls in sizes 37-46 ft. We also produce moulds to other Finnish motor- and sailboat-yards with functional solutions and high quality requirements. Our professional skills and production method give high surface finish on the end product.

Vacuum infusion is a manufacturing method Scandi Yachts has used since the beginning of the 21st century. It is used in production of hull, deck and other fiberglass parts.

The method is a sealed manufacturing process. The fibreglass mats are laid dry into the molds, plastic film is added and with the help of vacuum pressure, air is removed and resin put in between the fiberglass mats. The goal is a laminate with as low levels of resins as possible and as high fiber content as possible. The work environment become better for the employees due to no exposure to solvents during this sealed process. Infusion, also called core infusion, is slightly more expensive than the older methods but it gives a significant less environmental impact, both for workers and customers. All this is aligned with our mission to sustainable manufacturing.

Advantages with vacuum infusion:

  • The hull gets 20% stronger and 30% lighter because the fiber content is higher compared to the volume
  • Good mechanical characteristics
  • High stiffness and a very strong hull that fulfills solidity of high quality
  • Less material consumption compared to traditional hand- and spray lamination
  • Cleaner work environment for the employees due to no exposure of solvents during the process and it is easier to clean the tools
  • Enables fast lamination of large parts at once
  • Same mold can be used repeatedly and you get the same results
  • The customer saves fuel costs
  • The hull gets sound- and heat insulating which provides better driving comfort and higher living comfort


We thank Rolf Sjöskog for the video.