Long tradition

Scandi Yachts is a boatyard in Uusikaarlepyy, on the west coast of Finland, in an area that is well-known for its boatbuilding traditions. Skilled craftsmanship and well developed infrastructure is combined with entrepreneurship in the region. In Ostrobothina, boatbuilders have lived and worked for multiple generations, which in turn has lead to the passion of craftsmanship our boatbuilders hold. The Finnish boat industry is known for its well-made and high quality boats. We can offer personal customer service during all stages of the boat building.Nils Luoma among others, founded the company in the end of 1979 to meet the demand on special designed one-off cruising sailboats. Luoma is a veteran within the boatbuilding industry, with his solid knowledge, great experience of boat life and high requirements on quality, Luoma has established a trustworthy company. The boatyard is owned today by Östen Karlsson and his family. Karlsson started working with Luoma in 1987. Together with the ownership exchange 2008, the name of the company was changed to Scandi Yachts

Our specialty

Thanks to the racing concept, Scandi Yachts has been the main user of High Tech material and building methods in Scandinavia. We have built many famous boats, such as Big Foot (Sweden), Fram VIII for the then-Crown Prince Harald of Norway, Rauma-Repola (Finland) and Deerfoot racing boats (USA). Most boats have been bought by private customers. At the moment, our business is dominated by Business-to-Business production. We do subcontracting work for domestic boatyards and are considered Finland’s biggest producer of vacuum infused motorboat hulls of sizes 37-46 ft. Today we have made just over 280 hulls with the method and we will not go back to the old laminating methods. We also produce moulds for other companies within the boat- and transportation industry. Our moulds are made with great professional skills. Our specialty is that we make the shiny surface in the plug and not in the mould which gives it a longer life length on the moulds and makes the end product’s surface finish of very high quality. We also do basic renovation, painting and insurance repairs.

We can make Your dream boat come true

Do you want a custom-made and special designed boat?

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can plan your dreamboat together! Our long experience of one-off boatbuilding has given us great ability to listen to customers. In consultation with the customer, we can adapt and fulfill needs and desires without relinquish safety and other requirements. We are flexible in the choice of material, interior design solutions and equipment.

The Scandi Concept

The Scandi Concept is a sailboat model with deckhouse. What is special about the deckhouse is that it gives you a 360° visibility even from the cockpit which is a great advantage in sailing context. Furthermore, the boat is conveniently equipped for long-term stay.

Scandi 42 was launched for the public on Uiva floating boat show in Helsinki 13-16.8.2020

Scandi 42