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Scandi Yachts today

Scandi Yachts is owned by Östen Karlsson and his family. Karlsson started his boatbuilding career after his graduation in 1985. Karlsson bought the company in 2008 and together with the ownership exchange, the name of the company changed to Scandi Yachts.

The boatyard has made several custom-made sailboats over the years in sizes 30 – 75 ft. Apart from the sailboat building, Scandi Yachts has taken on several B2B projects as well for various boatyards in Finland with functional solutions and high quality requirements. Other things Scandi Yachts do are basic renovation, painting and insurance repairs.

Scandi Yachts is a boatyard in Uusikaarlepyy, on the West coast of Finland, in an area that is well-known for its boatbuilding traditions. Skilled craftsmanship and well developed infrastructure is combined with entrepreneurship in the region.

In Ostrobothina, boatbuilders have lived and worked for multiple generations, which in turn has lead to the passion of craftsmanship our boatbuilders hold. The Finnish boat industry is known for its well-made and high quality boats.

Scandi Yachts is considered Finland’s biggest producer of vacuum infused hulls in sizes 37-46 ft. Our professional skills and production method give a high surface finish on the end product. 

Scandi Yachts history

Nils Luoma among others, founded the company in the end of 1979 to meet the demand on special designed one-off cruising sailboats. Luoma is a veteran within the boatbuilding industry, he started his boatbuilding career working for Nautor and was also one of the founders of Baltic Yachts (1973). With Luoma’s solid knowledge, great experience of boat life and high requirements on quality, he has established a trustworthy company. 


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